7 Best iPhone Keylogger Apps to Keep Your Nerve

Monitoring your kids’ activities on their smartphones is perhaps the best decision to make. Why? Cyberbullying is on the rise. A record 40% of teenagers have been reportedly experienced cyberbullying. But that’s not the only issue you should be worried about.

Sexual predators and pedophiles are also on the prowl, searching for their next victims. Therefore, it is essential to monitor who they’ve been messaging on their iPhones.

If you suspect a cheating partner, it is important to have hard evidence to present. Hence, the best way to get the proofs you need is to find out who they’ve been chatting with. Even if you run a business and have unproductive employees, it isn’t essential to monitor their devices to see what they’re doing during work hours.

Again, you may ask, “Is it possible to monitor someone’s iPhone remotely?”, the answer is yes. Thanks to iPhone keylogger apps, you can break into your loved one’s devices to find out what they’re up to.

With several hidden keyloggers for iPhones available, how do you choose the best one to monitor keystrokes remotely? We’ve taken the weight off you and conduct our research.

7 Best Keylogger for iPhone

Looking for the keylogger for iPhone without jailbreak but still don’t know which one to choose? Below are 7 of the best keylogger apps for the iPhone you can use to monitor someone.

mSpy — Best iPhone Keylogger App


mSpy is one of the best iOS keyloggers you can use to monitor the keystrokes on a target device. It is specially designed to monitor all the keys typed and received on any smartphone running on the iOS platform.

mSpy is equipped with keylogging abilities to view every iPhone keystroke typed on text messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and web browsers. The app also can do more. You can monitor and listen to incoming and outgoing phone calls, including seeing the duration and time of the call. You can also track the location of the smartphone due to the impressive GPS tracking feature.

With mSpy, you can also see the media files received and sent with the iPhone. On the plus side, the apps, calendar activity, and other relevant information can be tracked without being detected.

mSpy is an impressive and highly recommended free keylogger for the iPhone you need to install. All you have to do is register and subscribe to a mSpy plan, follow the instructions to set up the app on the target device, login to your Control Panel, and monitor the target iPhone!


spybubble app

Another keylogger for iPhone with a remote installation is SpyBubble. This app automatically records all the keystrokes typed inside the iPhone from the moment it is unlocked. You will be able to track and monitor all the messages received and sent with the device. This includes text messages and chats from popular social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

SpyBubble also lets you track the location of the iPhone remotely. The best thing here is that the owner of the target device won’t know they’re being tracked. Thus, SpyBubble is highly recommended for monitoring keystrokes.



Another keylogger for the iPhone you should consider for stealth tracking is Cocospy. It is an incredibly fascinating app that records any keystrokes typed on the target iPhone. You don’t need to jailbreak the phone to monitor it remotely.

Cocospy is impressive in tracking incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages. It can also reveal all the applications installed on the device. With Cocospy, you can also monitor the online activity of the person’s social media feeds, including who they’ve been chatting with.

Such an app can also track their browser history, location, calendar and see the media files stored on their device. So, if you still don’t know which app to choose, Cocospy is your bet.


spyzie app

As the name suggests, Spyzie is an innovative app you can use to spy on someone’s keystrokes on iPhone. The app comes with a bunch of unique features. With Spyzie, you can see the contact list of everyone saved on the target device, view incoming and outgoing phone calls along with their details.

With Spyzie, you can also read all the messages sent on their WhatsApp, including the media files sent and received. Spyzie also allows you to monitor their browser history to see the websites visited and how frequently they’re visited.

However, currently, their website is under maintenance, indicating that the company got into trouble. Hence, Spyzie is the app to bypass. 


ikey monitor

iKeyMonitor is another keystroke logger iPhone app for remote monitoring. You don’t need to jailbreak the target phone for this app to monitor effectively. iKeyMonitor records keystrokes from the moment the phone is unlocked to when it is switched off. This gives you an overview of the activity of the smartphone.

It has call-recording features that allow you to eavesdrop on conversations. You can also monitor and read text messages and other messages from platforms like Gmail, Facebook, WeChat, Facebook, Skype, IG, and lots more.

iKeyMonitor also lets you block a specific app from working on the phone and set a screen time limit.



FlexiSPY is a decent keylogger app for the iPhone you should also get. With this app, you can remain completely invisible while monitoring the target device from anywhere in the world.

It lets you see not only all the keystrokes pressed and messages typed on the iPhone but also monitor phone calls and text messages sent and received on the device.

The app also allows you to track the activity on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber and see chats exchanged. Even if the person you’re monitoring replaces their sim card, FlexiSPY can still track the smartphone. It can also check the to-do lists, phone contacts, and internet history discreetly.



Spyic is another recommended keylogger for the iPhone app you may install. This app provides unique features while operating discreetly on the target device. Every keystroke that is sent and received on the device will be displayed to you remotely.

Such software lets you track phone calls, text messages, and the person’s location. From the control panel, you can view the messages sent and received on social media apps, including the videos and pictures sent and received on the phone.

What’s more? Spyic has a smooth UI, so you navigate easily. The app has a friendly customer support service that responds within 48 hours.


In this digital age, it became easy to keep an eye on your kid, partner, or employee. Hence, if you suspect something wrong is going on, just choose one of the aforementioned keyloggers apps, and you’re good to go.

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